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»Watch out for Cycle-e-Thon in NDTV GREENATHON's Runathon with Milind Soman on 7th March, 2010.               »Cycle-e-Thon Impact - The First of its kind Signature Campaign held in 2008 has impressed the BMC Addl. Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, R.A. Rajeev. Cycle-e-Thon greets him with school students as BMC embarks for implementing dedicated Bicycle lanes.               »Cycle-e-Thon is now embarking to make a presentation on 'Awareness regarding the issue of Global Warming and Importance of bicycles in tackling the problem'. You can send in your suggestions at kyagnesh@lycos.com. Your support and suggestions will be appreciated.
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"It's the only practical solution which we can implement at this very moment."
Yagnesh Katira 
Founder, Cycle-e-Thon, An Eco Club

If you feel you could do your bit for this global cause, do not donate anything just gather some cyclists
and we assure to organise cycle rally with you and try for a best media coverage.
Contact us. kyagnesh@lycos.com

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Mr Yagnesh Katira

It is a matter of great astonishment that one prefers to have a luxurious car drive at the cost of polluting the environment. It is a sharp slap on the face of human kind which is most unkind to our most friendly nature. We have started grading a person by the kind of vehicle he uses. Bigger, the better is todayís mantra. Itís high time that one should use a better means for daily transportation-bicycle. It is much late to realize that Amsterdam, a famous commercial hub has 80% of its population bringing bicycles to daily use in this direction. Bicycle while also being a mode of transport provides physical exercise.

The main problem for us is that we feel rather awkward, and disgraceful to ride bicycles even at the raw age of 16 or 17 and hence prefer bikes or scooters. Even elders feel embarrassed and laugh at the very idea! Now riding the cycle is like breaking a myth for them. In fact, we must say kudos to those abroad (recently US President George Bush got wide coverage for using cycle for reaching his office). All this really display the Indian shyness. Letís stop this ignominy and shyness which is costing us our environment.

We at Cycle-e-thon are striving for endorsing and commending bicycles which might undermine a major cause of environmental pollution and also a ground for all young and elder and basically try to remove their shyness for riding cycles which is the best mode without fuel and this is the main intention behind Cycle-e-thon, an awareness rally. Remember, we together can make a difference.

Mulund Parents Association welcomes you all from the age group of 10 to 50 years, to come forward and fill up the forms for the awareness rally to be held very soon after completing the registration process.

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