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We have a few aims while organising Cycle Awareness Rallies :

» To achieve 80% of town population bringng bicycles for at-least short distance travelling for a step towards combating Global Warming.
» To remove meaningless shyness to ride bicycles of elders in particular to promote for the shame.
» To remove the feeling that bicycles are below dignity vehicle.
» To emphasis that bicycle is the only practical solution to Global Warming and ride bicycles as mode of exercise rather than paying hefty fees for the same in a gym.
Mr Yagnesh Katira

It is a matter of great astonishment that one prefers to have a luxurious car drive at the cost of polluting the environment. It is a sharp slap on the face of human kind which is most unkind to our most friendly nature. We have started grading a person by the kind of vehicle he uses. Bigger, the better is todayís mantra. Itís high time that one should use a better means for daily transportation-Bicycle. It is much late to realize that Amsterdam, a famous commercial hub has 80% of its population bringing bicycles to daily use in this direction. Bicycle while also being a mode of transport provides physical exercise.


We want to demonstrate many important uses of bicycle-riding which are as follows :

» Only solution for traffic congestion
» Only solution for air pollution
» Bicycle riding is good as a physical exercise.
» A contributor towards our concern for Global Warming