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Cycle-e-Thon Activities :: Signature Campaign
Friday, 8th August 2008.

With the growing need for an urgent solution out of the problem of Global Warming, every scientist, every planner and every environmentalist is in search for an effective solution out of the problem. But guys for that we don’t have to ferret around any more because the solution is much simple – get pedaling, ride bicycle; the only simplest solution which can indeed save us from the clutches of the upcoming and the most disastrous threat.

Working with same intentions in our mind the members of the Cycle-e-Thon Team came out with a brilliant idea of ‘The Signature Campaign’ through which our:
Primary purpose was to appeal the Government Authorities to provide for a separate bicycle lanes and parking spaces by taking the names and signatures of those who are in need of this, especially the school students and other bicycle enthusiasts so that the bicycle riders can safely commute on bicycles and besides maintaining their morale high so that they carry on riding.
and our
Secondary purpose was to raise their awareness of Global Warming and bicycle as an effective solution in the psyche of those who have given their signatures and thus it can link these people directly with our mission of bicycle awareness and that too at a faster pace.

In a way, even if the primary purpose seem hollow or impossible due to any practical or political (major) problems we have seen to it that secondary purpose is always attained.

With these intentions, we successfully completed ‘The Signature Campaign’ with a big collection of 2300 signatures across 15 institutions of Mulund itself.

After the collection we four of us namely:

  1. Yogesh Katira (President, MPA)
  2. Yagnesh Katira (Founder, Cycle-e-Thon)
  3. Seema Parakh (Mumbai Pedals)
  4. Kruti (Member, Cycle-e-Thon)
submitted the Appeal successfully on 7th August, 2008 to Shri Anil Deshmukh, Minister for Public Works (Public Undertaking) and Shri J. M. Phatak, The Municipal Commissioner, M. C. G. M.

This is how we had carried out our Campaign and presented our appeal. We had sent a cover letters with signature sheets attached to each of the 15 schools so that those children who have given their signatures can read the purpose. After the collections we bundled them with a cover letter constituting the main idea and the number of signatures which was then stamp sealed by the two authorities. This facilitates you so that even you can carry out any such campaign in your locality with similar intentions and of course we are always there to help you in such endeavors.

We even had a great debat on the issue with Shri Dilip Deshmukh, an Official at the Office of Minister for Public Works in Mantralaya who was impressed with our collections and asked us for the solutions that can be taken to implement bicycle lanes at crowded places of C.S.T. and Churchgate. We also insisted that this could be implemented at many other places which are less crowded.

This matter got coverage even in the leading newspaper The Indian Express. (click here to read the article) and a leading magazine Time Out Mumbai.

Yet guys even you can drop in any suggestions and ideas on how we can successfully implement this service in the crowded place of Mumbai so that we can achieve our mission of making Mumbai ‘The First Bicycle Capital of India’.

You can mail your suggestions at